Tourist from UK & USA

During your visit to Dumai, a visit to GRAND ENGLISH COURSE is a must. The GRAND ENGLISH COURSE is a small school teaching Indonesia, English and English conversation. All travelers and foreign tourists are invited to participate in the school actitis, to give the student fisrt hand experience in current English conversation.

If you have the time, you would be most welecome to spend an interesting period in a school located in safe location about 20 minutes walk west of dumai city center with our English students striving to improve their English and at the same time experience Enthusiastic Indonesians wishing to improve their english Our student meet travelers and tourists at various locations around Dumai , Indomal offices ( Malacca ticket office ),Bus station ( travel to locations outside Dumai and other places where you gather or meet, for compulsory English pratice. Ensure that you ask and sight their English students card issued by the school. The students you meet are kind, honest, friendly and have a desire is to improve their English skills a higher level.

Mr. Muchsin, the course director, can in return offter” free Accommodation” in his home and simple food.

Do not wonder the sreets of Dumai aimlessy wiht nothing to do, drop in at the GRAND ENGLISH COURSE , you don’t know you could be missing. Meeting Indonesians in a friendly, safe atmosphere and get the true indonesians experience

Contact : Mr Muchsin
Jalan. pemuda Laut Gg. Kemuning No.21 Pangkalan Sesai 28824
Phone (+62765) 7007546 Dumai Riau Sumatra Indonesia

or contact a very friendly student,  Mr Tengku Said Rasyid.
Email: saidbappeda@yahoo.com

phone +6281365561299
If I not answer you call me PLEASE leave a message I will call back


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